Welcome to Magicís official website!

Marven Wagner, professionally known as Magic, is an entrepreneur, artist, designer, author, songwriter, and music producer. He was born and raised in Stuttgart and resides in Berlin for over a decade now, running his business and working on his art. This website shall give you an overview of what he is up to.

Magic is steadily working on new music, currently writing songs for his own album. As a graphic designer and branding expert, he has created logos for many corporations, organizations, and individuals, and helped to launch their brands. On this website, Magic also presents a selection of his photographs, picturing beautiful land- and cityscapes.

Magic has always been interested in a broad spectrum of subjects including art, music, film, sports, fashion, politics, education, and business. He has already ventured into some of these fields and plans to conquer new territory step by step. Every project is guided by his desire to create something meaningful, to fuel progress and improve things, to advance our collective well-being and protect the environment.
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