Fascinated by a broad spectrum of subjects and equipped with entrepreneurial spirit, Magic has ventured into different fields of business and plans to conquer new territory step by step. Every project is guided by Magicís desire to create something meaningful, to fuel progress and improve things, to advance our collective well-being and protect the environment.

On January 1, 2006, Magic launched MaWa Ventures, a privately owned holding company. In April 2008, the first subsidiary started operating when Hotspot Entertainment (hotspot.company) began developing and managing projects in the field of entertainment media and events. In November 2008, Magic founded a nonprofit organization called Popular Voices (popularvoices.org).

His publishing company A-Z Publishings started operating in January of 2014. In April 2014, Magic fulfilled his long-standing vision of creating his own music magazine with the launch of Pop Magazine, the magazine of popular music (pop-mag.com), and in 2018, Pop Magazine staged the first annual Pop Awards (pop-awards.com), honoring the best in popular music.
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